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What is Vidya

Vidya is a DeFi gaming token and escrow solution for multiplayer player-versus-player games, wagering, and esports betting. The medium of exchange for games and platforms that use VIDYA is a liquid, market-backed ERC-20 token, uniquely also named VIDYA. Through in-game and on-chain mechanics, VIDYA enjoys the unique position of providing entertainment and finance wrapped together as one to an emergent market of decentralized products and services. Decentralized gaming and finance are massive and growing markets with few notable attempts at an innovative merge of industries.

How it works

With open source, decentralized software hosted on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of smart contracts as escrow for players' wagers, holding them upon deposit and releasing them upon completion of prerequisite conditions that are agreed to on entry. Each session is subject to a rake from the pool that's distributed among VIDYA stakers, who will receive rewards proportional to the amount of tokens they've deposited and held within the staking platform. Games will be able to implement our immutable intermediary at ease, with the requirement of interacting with the contracts via Web3 user interface and the use of VIDYA tokens.

System in practice

Player created lobbies are made by Web3 enabled users after they pick the deposit other users must make before being able to join their lobby. The user will then be charged this amount in order to start the lobby, securing the initial wager instantly, and the rest upon entry of other players. Users will be refunded in the event of a lobby closure. Staking fees will only ever be deducted from the pool following successful match completion.

The DeFi angle

Our aesthetic nuance and love of designing games doesn't count us out of financial experimentation, it only gives us the chance to do it with style. We present new ways of designing an interconnected and highly interactable environment for our users. Our Vidya token is advantaged by providing unique markets and tokenomic models within our products and games via the creative utilization of deflationary mechanics, non-fungibility, item degredation and token staking all easily accessbile to you from a single personalized hub, TeamOS.


TeamOS refers to the team3d.io website and delivers all things Team3D through its user interface. You can check out your holdings, stats, cross-game inventory and a plethora of information unique to the public key you use to connect with TeamOS. You can play our games with other users, check market data, buy and sell VIDYA and keep up with new additions to the project.


Vidya Token (VIDYA)

Token supply

Circulating supply
View on Etherscan

30% development team/marketing costs/game rewards (15,000,000)
35% presale (17,500,000)
35% public sale (17,500,000)

Starting price
Started trading on Uniswap at 43,750 tokens for 1 ETH (0.000022857 ETH for 1 token)

Began trading

Uniswap liquidity


2020 Q2

June: Community outreach, marketing

We grew our community through promotional art & content competitions, awarding the most active and creative members.

2020 Q3

TeamOS development Vidya token launch HotBit listing WhiteBit listing P2PB2B listing CoinGecko CoinMarketCap Blockfolio Staking system Cross-game item inventory and equip system Easter-egg hunt Website information update NFT distribution FPS game testing Influencer & Press campaign Giants Digital partnership Quotidian Marketing partnership

2020 Q4

Blockchain game release Escrow system development NFT market creation Vidya implementation

In the future...

You will definitely be seeing some shit.

But for now





Associated Press Bitcoin.com Yahoo Finance Business Insider Benzinga The Bitcoin Desk Digital Journal CoinTelegraph Forbes

Approve VIDYA for trading on Uniswap
Minimum received



Nov 24'th

Lots of stuff being done behind the scenes.
You may have found Vidyaswap already. It's a tool that lets you execute trades on Uniswap without leaving TeamOS. FYI it uses 1% slippage by default, but you can adjust it (if you're a pro gamer) by opening F12 console and setting the "slippage" variable to whatever. For example: slippage = 10 (integer, not string)
Aah yes! Cleaned up the desktop for you and piled the less relevant stuff all together in Start Menu.
Fixed scrolling past footer bug on mobile devices.

Nov 2'nd

Whale detection prompt bug fix #2 should only show when not verified, then never again.
User profile icons offset by 2px fixed

Oct 30'th

Multiple prompts bug fix
Whale detection and confirmation for auto-adding to Vidyan role
Generator: Base contract math completed for inflow/outflow
Generator: Inventory contract acquisition and distribution

Oct 10'th

* Distributor system added and only works for distributing dark matter right now. If you held any amount of VIDYA on 9/29/2020 you should see a new icon on desktop. This is a one time event to distribute FREE dark matter to loyal followers. Note that gas fees still apply.

Sept 30'th

* NFT distributor contract is finished and waiting for audit from 2 separate devs
* Generator contract is under construction, waiting input from another dev on how to move forward
* @Ghost3D is writing up a wiki page for all the current discovered (and undiscovered) easter eggs